Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Baby's First Haircut Ornament

How many parents have a ziploc baggie with their kids first hair cut trimmings?  I'm simply not good with keeping memorabilia organized, bad, I know....bit I admit it.  These clear hollow ornaments are easy to fill and easy to embellish on the outside.  Fill your ornament with a few strands of your child's first haircut and you'll have a keepsake to last a lifetime!
These ornaments can be purchased at your local craft store or you can find them online at stores such as  

How to:
  1. Take the metal tops off the ornaments.
  2. Carefully fill the ornament with your hair clippings.  Use a small funnel or rolled up piece of paper to help guide into the ornament if it helps.
  3. Replace the metal top to the ornament.
Embellish with a decorative ribbon at the top and inscribed wording on the outside of the ornament if desired.


1 comment:

  1. what an awesome idea! I have a few envelopes of hair to use! :)