Saturday, October 06, 2012

Oreo Reeses Turkeys

These oreo candy turkey are the cuties little critters! They would make adorable placeholders at your thanksgiving table this year.


What you'll need (per turkey):

2 Oreos
1 Mini Reeses PB cup
9 Candy Corns
1 Whopper
black and white tubes of frosting


Melt chocolate chips and spoon a small amount to top of one side of an Oreo.

Adhere 2nd Oreo standing straight on onto bottom Oreo (use photo for reference).

Using more melted chocolate, use mini reeses cup as body, and adhere to Oreos.

Attach candy corn to top for feathers, sides for wings, and feet.

Place Whopper for the turkey’s head on top with melting chocolate as your glue.

Add last candy corn for beak, and dot the eyes lastly.

So worth the effort! And you can snack along the way...

- Sizza


  1. This is such a cute idea! I've linked your blog to my Facebook comments and also included your blog in my recent blog post at Classic Legacy.

  2. Hi, thank you for posting such a cool craft. What did you use for gluing the pieces? It looks like melted chocolate, but it isn't listed with the ingredients.

  3. Making these today for my Daughter's class, love it, such a great idea, and I get to be the cool creative mom!

  4. Baking Bad hooked me up with this link. If my kids were not allergic to peanuts I'd be ALL over this for thanksgiving. Such a creative idea!

  5. We make these every year with our Sunday School kids. They always love them!!