Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Totally Tasty Stadium!!!

Totally Tasty Stadium!!!

OK...I'm slightly into the football season this year...I came across this totally cool snack-attack appetizer courtesy of How cool is this...
Hope you have a big platter to prepare this!!!
The Field:
1 Pound of Guacamole
15 Oz. Queso Dip For The End Zone
15 Oz. Salsa For The End Zone
2 Oz. Sour Cream for the Field Lines
The Players:
15 Vienna Sausages
Helmets – 3 Oz. Sharp Cheddar Cheese
The Goal Posts:
1 Slim Jim for Each Goal Post
1 Oz. Monterey Jack Cheddar To Anchor (each)
The Stands:
58 Twinkies
1 Pound of Bacon
1 Bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos
1 Bag of Cheetos
1 Bag of Corn Tortilla Chips
1 Bag of Chex Mix
This recipe calls for guacamole in the middle, salsa on one end and cheese on the other. I plan on making a traditional taco layer dip with taco flavored hamburg and adding the guacamole and cheese and salsa on top!


  1. What can i replace those twinkies with? My brain is fried and have no creative juices going

  2. What do you suggest i replace those twinkies with?