Friday, November 11, 2011

Kindle + Tablet = YES, PLEASE!

Ok, ok... as an avid book reader, I was never ever really set on giving up my hard copy books. And swore that I would never purchase a Kindle - and I didn't!! For my 30th Birthday (gasp!!) Mr. Luau bought me the all new Kindle Fire. It's the best of an e-reader and a tablet all in one. How can you possibly go wrong? It's a total twofer (as in two-for-one), and who doesn't love those??

I wish I could tell you all about the amazing features, how fantastic it is, that I just can't put it down!.... But alas, it is not being released until November 15, and I won't have it for a few days after that.
BUT, you can check out all the features here.  And I'll be sure to blog again once I have it in hand!!

Cheers my dears - to this year's best twofer!!

~ Glory :0)

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