Monday, October 17, 2011

Lolli Pop Blossom

How easy is this? This can be redesigned to accommodate any age or any type of party or event. They would make great centerpieces or favors. You will need a cup, piece of styrofoam, lolli pops and ribbon. To make this more adult friendly you could use these great lollipops from . They have yummy liquor based lollipops as well as other adult flavors such as maple bacon and wasabi ginger! Put these in a coffee or beer mug and you've got a great gift, centerpiece or favor! Dum dum pops, blow pops or tootsie roll pops work great for the kids.

Here's how to create these blossoms:

  • Cut styrofoam to fit your mug and place it in the cup
  • Tie a few strings of ribbon around a handful of pops and use scissors to curl the ends
  • Stick the pops in the styrofoam in the shape to create your lolli pop blossom!

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