Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall Window Boxes

Fall is here!!! If you're looking to fill up your window boxes for a small cost- check out what worked for me~ and I didn't spend a ton of money and since I only have three windows to do on my house {my 3 kitchen windows} it ended up being only a total of $30, each being $10. The vinca vines were left from my summer flowers (and will sometimes come back from year to year- depending on how well they take root), so I always have liked to use them in my planters. The pumpkins I put in between the 2 red mums are real, but the small ones on either side are not- I picked them up at Dollar Tree! The accenting twigs, greens and long grass all came from my yard. I just went around with a pair of clippers and collected a bunch of stuff from trees and shrubs.

With the extra accents in the back, they filled in nicely. What I like most about them being full is that I can enjoy them from inside the house as well...