Sunday, October 09, 2011

Cuisipro Herb Keeper

Last Christmas, my mother-in-law gave me an Herb Keeper by Cuisipro. It stores fresh herbs in your fridge longer. At first I was skeptical, thinking it was just another one of those contraptions that I'd put in the cabinet and never use, however it works really great. When I have picked too many or if I have gotten them from the grocery store and have leftovers- it is usually hard to keep them from wilting {I typically would loosely wrap them in a paper towel and put them in my veggie drawer}. But this thing works great, and this summer it pretty much stayed full. I changed the water about once a week- and was surprised at how long the herbs would last in the refrigerator.

The above image shows how to stick the bottoms of the freshly trimmed herbs through the holes in the bottom.


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