Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Hair Dye on the skin??

So as we all know I am an every 3-4 week hair dyer because I gotta eliminate those greys. Well recently I decided to try a new hair dye specifically for resistant greys ... yeah I said it resistant greys. Well it definitely worked but when I was done letting the color set I noticed that I had a ridiculous amount of dye all around my hairline. So normally I just use some soapy and water and it comes off. Well not this time .. its was not coming off.

So I decided to Google "how to remove hair dye from skin" and this is what I found ... mix dish soap with lemon juice, soak cotton ball and remove dye. Well I gotta say I tried it and it worked like a charm! So next time you are in a jam with hair dye on your face or even ears, just grab your kitchen dish soap and mix a drop with a little lemon and juice and you will be good to go!!

- Gigi

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