Tuesday, March 29, 2011

When Doves Cry...at the Supermarket

You know what changes an ordinary, everyday errand for me? A good soundtrack. I was in Bed, Bath & Beyond the other day when Prince came on: suddenly my mood shifted from tiresome to sassy. Or another recent trip to Walgreens that went from mundane to peppy because an old song brought me back to being in the back of my mom's minivan in 1988.

I often think that there aren't enough opportunities to dance with friends - except for a occasional family wedding or yearly girl's weekend at some dive bar. But thanks to the good folks behind the soundtrack at places like Ocean State Job Lot, Stop & Shop or Kohls...I often find myself dancing through isles of produce, bopping my head when picking out socks, or even singing out loud in dressing rooms.

These small things in life make it so enjoyable!

- siz

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