Friday, March 25, 2011

the Taboo of Boxed Wine

There's definatly something about opening a bottle of wine that is nice, however over time the more you open (sometimes with a screw driver like us ladies) the more you can really come to appreciate the spout on a box of wine. But, there has always been a certain stigma that has gone along with buying and drinking boxed wine- and I want to put an end to it!

Many benefits of boxed wine include:
...readiness in time of need.
...if you only have a glass or two the rest of the bottle is not forsaken.
...Saves you Money!
...fits in your fridge or pantry easily.
...doesn't spoil as quickly (can last up to 2 weeks or more?)
...when you think the box is empty- one final glass can be found if the bag inside is taken out and milked.

Remember the only difference is that there isn't a cork, so if you are an average wine drinker like me (who doesn't mind the cheap stuff) "Try it, you'll LIKE it!"


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