Monday, February 14, 2011

Strong Opinions on Valentine's Day

Ever notice how many strong opinions people have on Valentine's day? I can't even imagine how many blog posts were written today (or for that matter - this past week) that were titled "Why Valentine's Day Sucks." But are we really getting to the core of those whacky feelings? I think we should all place our strong opinions on simmer and realize what it's not about!

What Valentine's Day is Not About:

If you're Single: Whether or not you are worthy. (sounds far-out, but is common)

If you're First Dating: How much your significant other likes you.

If you're Married: How much your significant other loves you.

What Valentine's Day is Really About:
The love you have for YOURSELF. (go ahead, call me a Thoraeu praising hippie, I don't mind!)

The love your family and friends have for you. (doesn't a card or gift from a parent, child, sibling, or friend, feel just as good?)

I write this post mainly because, it always depends what year it is that ultimately determines how we feel about Valentine's Day. Don't you find something wrong with that? We should be more grateful that we have beating hearts and the unconditional ability to love our self! And that's someone that will never stand you up, never let  you down, and travel with you for eternity.

- Siz


  1. You are so right Siz! Which is why I buy myself a present each year for Valentine's Day - nothing says self-love like a pretty new present :)

  2. before i finished this post i thought, "striss wrote this one" haha! i think it's just a day for unconditional love of all kinds. well said my turtle dove. and happy valentine's day! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

  3. I forgot until probably around noon time, yesterday...not much of a big deal, i guess!