Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fourth of July Kabobs

These festive 4th of July Kabobs are as much fun to make, as they are to eat! We hope you have fun making them this Independence Day! Blueberries can also be added to skewers if you'd like...


You'll need:

Wooden Kabob skewers
Strawberries, washed with stems cut off
White chocolate for melting
Blue + Red sprinkles
Blue + Red food coloring
Vanilla Sheet Cake
Star shaped Cookie cutters


- When you make cake batter, add 1/4 cup red and blue sprinkles to batter for a 'funfetti' look
- Let Cake cool completely before making star shapes
- Bake cake in shallow pan or cookie sheet (NOTE: cake time will differ, and most likely be less)

Have a blast making these! The kids will love to help!


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