Thursday, April 04, 2013

Natural Allergy Remedies

Spring allergies are coming.  Here are some natural ways to alleviate symptoms without taking over the counter drugs.


Horseradish:  Horseradish naturally contains allyl isothiocyanates which promotes mucus flow helping with stuffed up sinuses.  Spread a dollop onto your sandwich!

Peppermint Tea:  Peppermint has anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties helping with those clogged membranes.  Also the steam from the tea provides some relief in loosening mucus.

Butterbur:  This supplement has been shown to work as effectively as over the counter supplements in helping to alleviate nasal symptoms.  The herb works by blocking some of the chemicals that trigger swelling in nasal passages.

Phleum Pratense:  This herb is derived from pollen extracts and it can help with eye irritation and help alleviate symptoms for hey fever sufferers.

Neti Pot:  Yes, this is a bit strange to get used to using but the benefits are worth it.  Salt water solution gently rinses away any allergens that are getting trapped in your nose and regular use can be very beneficial to allergy sufferers. 

Red Wine:  Now this is an easy one!   It contains Quercetin which helps block the release of histamine that causes inflammation.  Now this is an easy fix :)

One common culprit of bringing allergies in doors that many people seem to over look is your pet!  Be mindful of the allergy dander that accumulates on your pet while outside.  Try to bathe them or hose them down prior to bringing your pet inside.  Here's to surviving allergy season!

*Prior to taking any supplements listed here please do your own research and read up on the supplements warnings and/or information as some supplements may be harmful for those with certain health conditions :)


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