Sunday, October 30, 2011

Juice Box Boat

Here's a fun way to use empty juice box containers.  This would even be a fun bath tub toy since they are easy enough throw away and make again when they get beat up.  I didn't have to fight Lulu even to take a bath today :)  She wanted to get in to sail the boat!

You'll Need:

A piece of plastic (from an empty milk container or report cover)
Permanent markers or stickers
Hole punch
Drinking straws
Empty juice box

Here's How
  • Cut a rectangle from the piece of plastic, should be a little smaller than the size of the juice box.  Decorate with markers or stickers.
  • Punch a hole at each end and thread the straw through it.
  • With scissors poke a small hole in the center of the juice box and insert the straw and sail.
Your boat is ready to sail!  Blow through a straw to push the sail!


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