Thursday, February 16, 2012

Campfire Cake

This is a really creative birthday cake idea, that would also work for a cookout, camp out, boyscout's party, or any outdoor occasion.

Credit: Anam Cara:

You'll Need:
  • Cake mix
  • Chocolate Frosting
  • Pirouette cookies "sticks"
  • Melted butterscotch for orange flames
  • Cinnamon hard candies for red flames 

  1. Make two 8" cakes, cool and frost.
  2. Meanwhile, melt orange butterscotch candies in a double boiler
  3. In separate boiler, melt red candies
  4. When smooth, lay out a sheet of wax paper on a cookie sheet
  5. Poor and spread butterscotch with spatula, then swirl in liquid red candy
  6. Let cool for atleast 1 hr in refrigerator
  7. break apart and use as flames (one large peak for center and smaller jagged pieces for around large flame)
  8. Arrange cookie sticks for logs.

What are your family's favorite cake designs that are unconventional?



  1. What a conception is this! As the design and thought of this cake are really looking just impressive. As this Campfire Cake is really looking one of extreme way to surprise some one. Thanks for sharing.

    Midwest Scrapbook

  2. Adorable! I think I'll have to do this for my husbands birthday next week.

  3. This is absolutely genius! I love your cake! Found you on Pinterest. :0)

  4. O bolo é bonito! mas a receita muito baralhada, não entendi nada...

  5. I love this cake! Got here through Pinterest and I want to make this cake for my husband's birthday coming up. I'm wondering what candies you recommend. I have a way with messing things up if I try to do them my own way. Please help!

    1. Try finding round butterscotch hard candy (sometimes they are in a mixed bag with strawberries ones that will work great too!)

      thanks for reading!

  6. Loved the campfire cake idea you posted. I used it for my son's Eagle Court of Honor and it was a hit. It was sooooo simple and quick to put together. I bought a costco cake and used fruit roll-ups for the flames